Tuesday, July 3, 2012


heyy:) mau share beberapa foto, and it's all about mecheuse! hoho:o did you know what-is-mecheuse? let me tell it to you. mecheuse is a name of my class, VII-C at 49 Junior High School. I don't what is mean by mecheuse but i love mech! i love the class, the teacher, and of course the FRIENDS!<3 We've been a classmates since we're join into VII-C class. who's made a name called 'mecheuse'? yup;) it's rania. i think mecheuse is an unique name of a class name. humm, the class also, too. we love coboyjunior, vierra, ungu, onedirection, etc. 'typo' is an unique fact of our class. Huft, i feel tired to type a word here. So, lets just share some photos&videos of mecheuse!
It's the stopmo about mecheuse. It was made by febby. It shows who's been a part of mecheuse. enjoy-the-stopmo-kay!
Now the photos.....